Type of Sedation We Offer Here at Mark Dreyer, DMD

There are thousands, perhaps millions of people around the world that all have one thing in common; fear of the dentist. Also known as Dentophobia, it is an extreme fear of visiting the dentist. While many individuals try to put off their visits to the dentist for whatever reasons (busy schedule, in between insurance companies, or may have simply forgotten), those who are stricken with anxiety and dread at the prospect of going to the dentist avoid it at all costs. 

Obviously, it is vital to visit your dentist regularly for exams and cleanings, otherwise you may end up with severe oral health problems later on. For those who suffer from fear, the offices of Mark Dreyer, DMD, provide an IV sedation to help patients calm down and relax during their visits. While some patients may become so relaxed they fall asleep during their procedure, this is not the norm. This source of tranquility is meant to put the patient in a deep state of relaxation.

Some major advantages to receiving an IV (intravenous) conscious sedation include:

• Achieve a deep level of relaxation and reduce anxiety. Whether this is necessary for a surgical treatment or a cleaning, we are able to help with any of your endodontic needs that may require a form of sedation. 

• IV sedation takes effect almost instantly. Whereas oral sedation takes hours to take effect, sometimes even in the form of a pill you must ingest while still at home before the operation, IV sedation works rapidly. Within minutes of the first administration, the sedation can be seen taking hold. 

• Safer than oral sedation. IV sedation allows for the anesthesiologist to control the levels of sedation whereas oral sedation renders the patient out completely.  

• Quick recovery time. Although your recovery time for your oral procedure may take a little more time to heal, the effects of your sedation should wear off fairly quickly within an hour or two of its removal. 

• Partial or full amnesia (memory loss) for the time of the procedure. While not fully asleep, most patients claim they have very little memory of the procedure. 

While it may seem otherwise, we do not offer IV sedation to all of our patients. Some restrictions are put into place for the safety and wellbeing of our patients. For example, you must be over the age of 16 to receive IV sedation and able to meet certain health and weight criteria. These specifications can be further reviewed upon an initial consultation with your endodontist. During the consultation will also be the ideal time to ask any questions or voice any concerns you may have with this process.
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