IV Sedation


This section is intended to inform as to how we handle IV moderate sedation services in our office. First of all, we don't offer IV sedation to all our patients. You must be over age 16, and meet certain health and weight criteria in order to qualify. Our highest priority in delivering sedation is your safety. On your consultation visit, we will review your medical history, we will evaluate your airway, we will take height and weight measurements. If you meet our health parameters and are below a 35 BMI, we will offer IV sedation for your root canal visit. We will give you a sedative pill to take an hour before your treatment visit. 

This starts the relaxation process. Upon insertion of an IV catheter into your hand or arm, we can then titrate the exact amount of sedative drug to make you sleepy without putting you to sleep. Our type of sedation is moderate and this means you will be quite sleepy but always awake during the procedure. This is in contrast to deep sedation where you are put to sleep at the oral surgeon's office. One nice side benefit of our moderate sedation is that you'll likely have a nice amnesia effect meaning you may not remember your visit. Once the treatment is completed, your companion will help you out of the office and drive you home.